Welcome to the online home of Aaron Greenlee. This site hosts notes, a journal, and a devlog to help someone search for a solution to a problem Aaron encountered and documented. All content shared on this site should be considered a rough draft. If you'd like to get in touch, please email Aaron. You can reach him at aarongreenlee on the free email service hosted by Google (@gmail.com). ## So, who is Aaron Greenlee? tl;dr > Aaron Greenlee, a leader with experience in leadership, sales, marketing, and software engineering. He specializes in building effective remote engineering teams made up of kind, dedicated, and supportive individuals, and practices player/coach-style leadership. His interest in software and team-building began as a teenager when he founded and led a distributed team to develop a PC game expansion. Aaron has worked in various positions, including as a Director of Cloud Engineering, Software Engineer, Sales Administrator, and Regional Sales Manager. He has contributed to several marquee projects for companies such as Adobe, Bloomberg, and Couchbase. Currently, he works as a Principal Engineer at Post, introducing people to cool people and big ideas. Aaron Greenlee is an inspiring leader who builds effective remote engineering teams made of kind, dedicated, and supportive people. Aaron practices player/coach-style leadership. He is well-rounded, with experience in leadership, sales, marketing, and software engineering. Aaron founded and led a distributed team of thirteen individuals as a teenager to develop the independent expansion pack Abyss of Pandemonium for Quake, a popular PC video game. The game was licensed, boxed, and distributed in Europe and North America. A decade later, the game was open-sourced, and today, you can download and play it for free. Through this project, Aaron first discovered his joy in building software and nurturing effective teams. As Webmaster at National RV, Aaron brought National RV online in 2000. He managed multiple web properties, including National RV, Country Coach, an Investor Relations site, and a Community/Club for raving fans of our recreational vehicle products and the RV lifestyle. In 2002, Aaron transitioned into Inside Sales and then to Sales Administration. Aaron was responsible for proposing what motorhomes to build and when, managing dealer and retail incentive programs, recognizing revenue, transportation and delivery of RVs to dealers, and pretty much anything else required to keep promises by Regional Sales Managers to dealers and retail customers. In 2007, Aaron stepped into the role of Regional Sales Manager of the East territory for Country Coach and supported dealers along the East, including Lazy Days, headquartered in Tampa, Fl. In 2009, Aaron returned to his passion for building with technology. He has since served as an individual contributor or manager and has the privilege of contributing to projects for Adobe, Bloomberg, Couchbase, PowerChord, TheoremOne, Wrecking Ball, and more. In addition, Aaron has delivered digital experiences to hundreds of millions of users using Go, TypeScript, ColdFusion, AWS, GCP, and Azure, backed by dozens of other technologies and databases. Today is introducing people to cool people and big ideas at Post as a Principle Engineer. ## Employment History - 1997 - 2000: Founder, Impel Productions - 2000 - 2007: Sales Administration Manager, National RV - 2008 - 2008: Regional Sales Manager, Country Coach - 2009 - 2015: Director of Development, Wrecking Ball - 2015 - 2018: Director of Engineering, PowerChord - 2018 - 2018: Engineering Management - TheoremOne - 2019 - 2023: Sr. Director - Cloud Engineering, Couchbase - 2023+ Principle Engineer, Post